Sunday, December 16, 2012

Experimenting with ICE!


Changes in Matter

 We have been experimenting with sources of heat to see how matter can change. During this mini-activity, students described the steps of how a glue stick changes from a solid to a liquid when it is heated. They also discussed that the glue would turn back into a solid when cooled. As student got to see the liquid glue cooling into a solid as I wrote their initials on each card. This was a cute little way to see matter change! 

Gingerbread Measurement

During this project, the we wrapped up our math unit by measuring various aspects of our gingerbread houses. 

Students began by checking the capacity of their rectangular prism. We filled one with rice and discovered that it had a capacity of 2 cups. Then the students started covering their rectangular prisms in icing. After that, two parent volunteers and I went around and asked them to predict how many rectangular units (graham crackers) they thought it would take to cover the entire house. After they predicted, they applied the crackers to the house and saw if their estimate was right on, not enough or too many. 

In addition to area, the students measured the length of several pieces of candy on the house and chose a non-standard unit to measure the circumference of their plate and perimeter of the bottom of their house.  This was a great way to explore measurement! 

~ A BIG thanks to Ms. Julie and Mr. Oscar (Watch DOG) for helping out with this project!