Saturday, September 7, 2013

5 Senses

Shaving Cream FUN!

Shaving cream provides students with a kinesthetic way to practice various skills and helps keep the tables clean and fresh! This is one of the kid's favorite things to do in my class! 

The "WOW" Wall

Our class bulletin board (The WOW Wall) will serve as a Gallery for EXCEPTIONAL Kindergarten work. We have had several class discussions about what quality work looks like and I have explained that quality work could end up going on the WOW Wall for a time period prior to them taking it home. Comal ISD prides itself on showcasing quality student work; therefore, the following guidelines will determine which completed assignments go on the WOW Wall:
~ Content Driven
~ Neatly Written
~ On Grade-Level

Here is a sneak peek at our WOW Wall!


It is imperative that children learn how to form their letters correctly at an early age. If students develop poor handwriting habitats, they are very hard to break. For this reason, I teach handwriting by emphasizing where to begin writing the letter and how many "strokes" it takes to write the letter. A "stroke" is made each time you lift your pencil. For example a capital A takes 3 "strokes". (Example below)

In addition, we identify whether a letter is a sky, grass or dirt letter. Sky letters touch the top line, grass letters are in between the dashed midline and bottom line and dirt letters go below the bottom line. 

The Circle Map


You will begin to see your children bring home "Thinking Map" activities. We are a Thinking Map trained campus and each teacher utilizes these 8 concept maps daily. The first map that we will introduce is the Circle Map. This map is used for defining, brainstorming and telling everything that you know about a particular topic. I will send more detailed information about Thinking Maps, but I wanted you to see some Circle Maps that we created this week in class.

Newsletter: September 9th-13th