Monday, September 1, 2014

Take Home Folders and Homework

Take Home Folders
Pockets- Information that stays home (unless clearly marked for a signature and to be returned)
  An ORANGE folder will come home each TUESDAY that is dedicated for all flyers from the school.
 It will only be sent on TUESDAYS. 
Behavior Calendar - Will be located in the brads (please initial daily)
Homework- The activities should not take longer than 5 minutes  (these do not have to be turned in) 
Book Bag- Daily practice for Phonics, Sight Words and Math  (please check the Newsletter each week to see which Letters we are learning and which sight words as well.) 

FOR EXAMPLE: this block is on September 2nd's Newsletter:
Language Arts
Phonics: Introduce FUNdations Letter B
Reading: Parts of a Book, Connect to own experiences 
Sight Word:  I & CAN and color word RED
 Writing: Writing First Name
Therefore, you would know to practice the LETTER B, sight words I and CAN, & color word RED.
By the end of this week, your child will be expected to identify the letter B, write the letter B and identify its sound. Also, they will be required to read and write the words: I, can and red. 

All About Me...WOW work!