Friday, October 24, 2014

Red Ribbon Week Events 10-27 through 10-31

Morningside Elementary 
Counselors will provide guidance lessons throughout the month of October that support the Red Ribbon Week initiative and emphasize the making of positive choices. Additionally, daily messages that encourage wise decision-making will be read to students and staff as part of the morning announcements. A handout, informing students of the participation themes will also be sent home and will include helpful tips for parents. Along with promoting the benefits of physical activity, Coach Wagner will continue to instruct students on nutritional eating as part of the curriculum. Students can also look forward towards engaging in fun workouts during Red Ribbon Week. 

Monday: “No Sweat” Day- Students and staff may wear their favorite sweatshirt and sweat pants. 
Tuesday: “Red Ribbon” Day- Students and staff may wear red clothing. Official Red Ribbon Week ribbons will be distributed to all participants on this day. 
Wednesday: “Sock It to Drugs” Day- Students and staff, wear silly socks. 
Thursday: “Be a Stand-up Character” dress up Day- Students and staff may dress up as their favorite children’s book character. 
Friday: “Say, Boo to Drugs” Day- Students and staff may wear black and orange clothing. 

10-27 Newsletter